Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Continuation of the below....

Taken shortly after the previous video. Alex drives his cars into the box, then tells himself or his cars that "you have to wait!" before taking over the controls of the camera.

Fairly self-explanatory as usual, but a new milestone in the "getting things from under the furniture" department-- trying a different directional approach to get the object. Alex's monologue runs something like "They're going under... Alex reach a tow truck, Alex reach a [fire] engine, Alex can reach the car..." Ben features briefly at the end.

Blogger Boys

For grandparents one and all; because Karla can't view videos on the Ringo site; and because the Ringo site has too many ads: for these noble reasons, the Yoder Twins must blog. But you have to wait for actual content until their mother, through whom they vicariously blog, is at the computer with the photos and videos on it, not her work computer. Plus, she is supposed to be doing work right now. So, stay tuned.