Monday, July 18, 2011

A Weekend in Raleigh

We're just back from a wonderful weekend in North Carolina, where Ben and Alex got to finally meet Great-Aunt Linda, Great-Uncle Doug, Aunt Alexandria*, Uncle Brad, Aunt Christa, and cousin Hank (who has his own blog). There was swimming, hiking, food (including pie), a dog... pretty much all the good stuff, especially: family.

* "First cousin once removed," while correct for Alexandria, Brad, and Christa, is inelegant, unnecessary, and a mouthful.

Hank & parents in the pool

A&B in the pool

A&B providing a pro bono bird consult for Uncle Brad

A delicious dinner on the patio. (Brad obviously making an important point of some kind).

Hank scoops some watermelon. Yum!

Alex finding a mushroom on our hike. We also found a toad, some mating frogs, and a lovely summer tanager.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new play space in the basement

What to do when you have too many stuffed animals to store in your living room: buy a new house with a semi-finished basement. We got the basement space cleaned up and "opened" for play the other day. (Eventually, we'll refinish it-- anyone feel like taking out a glass-block-and-brick bar?)

Monday, July 11, 2011

River Ridge Trail

The River Ridge Trail is one of Ben and Alex's favorites in Patapsco State Park (the park near our house), but in winter and spring it often contains an element of disappointment: no, you cannot get in the water. But now, it is summer. Finally: yes, you CAN get in the water.

Found a crayfish

Daryl and the train