Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hooray for a Leupen Thanksgiving in Baltimore.

Karen and the boys

Aunt Karen and her two biggest fans

Is this "pop music," Uncle Jason?

The bridge table

Time to lick the whipped-cream beaters

Not sure if Bret realizes that turkey skin is actually very low in carbs.

The euchre table

Baltimore Museum of Art

Shark Boy

Have we mentioned we like birds, Grandpa?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Philadelphia Weekend

Here are just a few pics from the recent meeting up of the Yoder-Wellses and the Leupen-Yoders in Philadelphia this past weekend. Some events, such as playing in the pool and visiting the Reading Terminal Market (which included delicious pastries as well as lobster-viewing), went unphotographed-- but were enjoyable nonetheless.

Lucy on the rings at Fairmount Park. We spent several hours here on Saturday, enjoying the ridiculously wonderful weather.

Ben and Alex by the mural of the Giant Moas at the Academy of Natural Sciences (#2 in the series, "Standing Next to Our Favorite Extinct Birds")

The Academy also has an excellent sitting-tortoise.

Sorry Grandma and Grandpa Y. We tried several times but couldn't herd these cats.

Digging for dino bones. Lucy's impressive persistence on this task bodes well for future completion of her PhD thesis.

The big kids (and below, Lucy, the best poser-for-pictures) at the Swann Memorial Fountain.