Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spelling sinister sentences

These remind me of those anonymous notes, pasted together from newspaper cutouts, that criminals write to police departments in old movies.

Turtly is the name of the (stuffed animal) turtle, of course. I don't know why the jaguar is sad.

"No visitors allowed exept [sic] if you are one of us [signed] the cats," (very creative use of a line and two numbers when lacking an e) placed outside the Fisher Price house.

"Dear Squeaky [the stuffed dolphin], I heard that a stingray stung you." (Many letters were unavailable by this point (the above sentences remaining on the floor), so several number or composite-letter substitutions were needed.) This one is especially sinister. Suggests the writer thinks it would be a shame if the stingray would have to sting Squeaky again....