Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Pics

A few photos from present-opening. In the evening our neighbors came over for the birthday pie celebration-- I think they got a couple of pics of the actual pies-and-boys, so perhaps those will be forthcoming.

Yes, they are each wearing one half of the penguin pajamas.

A swan for Ben

A sea lion for Alex

Awesome bird mobile from Aunt Karla

Bird-sounds pop-up book (above and below)

Reading a new book with Daddy

Ben's favorite, a raven from Grandma and Grandpa L. (above and below)

Everybody loves bubble wrap

Balloon play with the neighbor kids

Monday, September 20, 2010

The joys of September

Since June, long-sleeved shirts have been forbidden. But a few days ago, the sanctions were lifted. Immediately Ben & Alex both ran upstairs to change into their beloved bird shirts. And looked ever so pleased afterward.

In related news, bread-baking season is also upon us, and the new kneader on the team is looking good in the preseason workouts. The bread was delicious.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bad Pictures of Recent Adventures

It hasn't been a great month for photography, but we have been having lots of adventures, so ... here are some bad pictures of them.
Meerkat at the Smithsonian (DC) Zoo
Armadillo at the Smithsonian (DC) Zoo
The Australia exhibit (above and below) at the National Aquarium.

Playing around with animals.
We have tails!
Our new house (above and below).

Alex at Marshy Point Park.
Spotting blue crabs (we must be in Maryland!) at Marshy Point Nature Center.
The nature center has a pet duck.
And all good nature centers have bird books.