Friday, August 13, 2010

New York Report, 2010 Edition

This year's trip to White Plains kicked off with a sandbox conspiracy, moved smoothly on to the generational initiation of the kids' table, and was cousinarific throughout. Lucy is especially skilled at mugging for the camera, and Eric is, if possible, even cuter than before.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Day in the New Life

After moving, lots of non-visually-exciting things happen, like applying for bank accounts and buying toilet paper. So since no one had taken any pictures since we got here, today we took pics all day long.

We ate breakfast...

Read bird books...

Ben helped Mom make a blueberry-peach pie:

While Alex hung out with his animals.

We went to Patapsco Valley State Park and walked across a cool suspension bridge:

And played in the rocks there:

After that we were tired:

Then more bird books.

Then Mom forgot to keep taking pictures, like of us eating pie.
Then Dad read to us from James and the Giant Peach (the part where the Cloud Men throw hailstones at the peach) before bed.