Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Cincinnati Christmas

By Ben

We had a Christmas in Cincinnati. Some of our presents were the last ones under the tree !We had a big dinner too ! After dinner and after a little break,we had dessert!Aunt , Karen ,Uncle   Jason,  Evan, and Bret came to    our     house. We also played with the new stomp rockets we got. We also played in the snow!

                                                This is Aunt Karen and us.

                                              This is Evan and Aunt Karen.

                                   This is me and Alex wearing our T-shirts that we got.

                                              This is one of Alex on the sled.

                                            This is Grandpa falling off the sled.

                                                    This is me on the sled.

                                  This is me and my brother falling off the sled.

                                     This is Uncle Jason when he got a new saw blade.

                                            This one I took.

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JHYoder said...

Great story and pictures, Ben! Sounds like you're really having fun...!