Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Funnest Trip Ever !!!!!!!

Written by Ben (orange) and Alex (blue).

We went to Calvert Cliffs State Park on Wednesday! It was fun! First we walked on a very long trail called the Red Trail! It went to a trail called the Black Trail! It took us to the beach! It was fun! It was a long way. We had lunch at the beach. We played a lot. We went in the water a lot when we played. We scrubbed mud on each others' backs. We built a sand castle. We were pretty tired at the end. We did not complain very much though. The way back seemed longer because we took different trails. On the way home, we had smoothies. We both had chocolate. They were very good. Soon we went home. It was a fun trip.

 At the trailhead (Ben with the bird list)

 A 17-year cicada! Ah, that brings back memories. (They're just in Southern Maryland, not in Baltimore-- we'll get ours in 2021).


 The Calvert cliffs.

 The sand castle.

 The Chesapeake Bay mud cure?

 The rinse cycle.

 The swamp

Eastern Eyed Click Beetles mating (thanks Google Search-by-image!)

 Ben navigating through the traffic jam on the way home.

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