Saturday, June 29, 2013

Exploring Down the River

By Alex: We had a fun day at the park today. We walked in the creek. We got very wet. I slipped three times. Daddy preferred not to get wet. He would rather stay on the trail that followed the creek. We met him several times.

By Ben: We started at the end of Sawmill Branch Trail and went all the way down to the tunnel. Sawmill Branch trail was very long and steep. I wanted to get as wet as I could. I pretended to be a frog. There were lots of really deep parts. It was really fun. 

Alex: My feet are in a waterfall!

Ben: I was trying to make the picture look good.

Ben: One climbing up the rock and one coming down.

Ben: I didn't mean to be squinting. Alex: This part is deep.
Alex: I wonder why Ben is kneeling.
Ben: See, here I am being a frog.
Alex: This part is deep too.
Ben: Wildlife.

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